Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hot Club at the Carlyle

Joe, Dax, Tracy and Isaac played our first time at the renowned Carlyle Restaurant in NW Portland this weekend, for a private holiday party. Doug was at another holiday gig, or he would have been there with us. Excellent food, great atmosphere, and let's just say the lighting speaks for itself.

At first, we saw the people arriving in seasonally inappropriate Hawaiian print shirts, khakis and muu-muus, and we just thought it was a country club. Then we realized the night's theme was "A Night at South Beach." From there, it all began to make sense. But the string bikinis and speedos were noticeably absent.

Great time, lots of dancing, and our friend Muriel joined us for the second half of the night to croon the night away and kick the holidays off right.

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Dizzle said...

First ever live performance of "D*** In the Box" by Isaac.
It was a real crowd pleaser.